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By the seaside, 6-floor residential centre

The newest residential centre, only 50 m from the Ionian seaside, raised on solid fundaments, carries the signature of “Çobo construction”!
A wide underground parking and 6 floors above, give the opportunity to different categories of clients to chose the type of activity they want to perform. Do you need a new office? Come to us! Do you need a shop? You can choose here! Do you want a restaurant? Where better than here, on the sea?!

Do you think that the underground parking it not enough for all your vehicles? We have already thought of this: for your need we have another parking floor, 3.80 meters high, with natural lighting which can host 34 vehicles.


Architect of luxurious residencies

godine-9-kate-3Our residential centre is a complex of business and residential premises with a contemporary architecture. The glass facades from the first to the sixth floor fills the building with light. The first two floors, created only by glass facades, are designed only for offices and shops; a shared entrance leads you to a space of 1200 square meters, full of light, from where an elevator and internal stairs give the possibility to explore the core of the residence. When going up, the light and space lighten your vision and your breath, because the glass facades, the main characteristic of the building, have this exact purpose. The arch, as the most traditional construction element, is noticed everywhere.

following the scent of the sea, a few steps further, in the south-western side of the building, you can access the residential area. There is an elevator with a capacity of 600 kg and parallel stairs with a ventilated aeration column.
Each section has six apartments 3.15 meters high:

  • one bachelor flat of 44 square meters;
  • two apartments of about 100 square meters;
  • three other apartments of 60 to 70 square meters.

The building offers the maximum of thermal, acoustic and hydro insulation. The walls are composed of two blocks of bricks of 8-12 cm, divided in the middle by thermo insulation material. This type of wall ensures thermal and acoustic insulation of the apartments. But this is not all. Plastic material has been used for the windows, which is much more resistant than aluminium, and differently from it, prevents condensation. The windows are double glazed and the space between the glass them is filled with argon, an insulating element used in the most advanced construction technology.

The glass walls, sculptors of light.

pamje-dThe white marble that dominates, but also the colour ones, reflect the greatness of the residential centre and its beauty. During the design of the apartments, the creation of the most comfortable conditions for the family are taken into consideration. As such, in function of this comfort, the sitting room is purposely designed with sea view. The kitchen, depending on the apartment, is designed to allow practicing the culinary art.
In function of this comfort, perfect relation with light is created: the sitting room and the bedrooms have direct access to the balcony! The toilets are spacious and have ventilation, through windows or specific equipment, as per the client’s request. Last, the best feature of the “Çobo construction” residence are linear balconies through the entire perimeter, enabling you to enjoy the scent of the sea and the sunshine like being by the Ionian seaside.


Designer of green gardens

There’s no quality buildings meeting the contemporary requirements if the relation between the construction and the green is not respected. The importance of this relation is defined by our motto and our construction approach.
your work or living premises are surrounded by green gardens and flower beds, that fill your eyes with peace, quietness, order and beauty.


Why Cobo?

Why Cobo Construction: Curator of the sea breeze, salty wave and sunshine.
We love the breeze of our sea, our salty wave and our sunshine in this country! And nobody better than us, “Çobo construction”, can convey them within your house. There’s no need for the nature to come to you: we have brought it into your house through our design concepts and the ...



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Architect of luxurious residencies


Devised and designed for being a multifunctional building, offering a perfect choice not only for your business, but also for your place of living.


Building with solid fundaments is not enough! The fantastic combination of the building quality with a modern design guarantees the success.


A success that starts with a quality building, a modern design and finalized with the comfort of the service and living spaces.

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Themelua në vitin 1990. Me rritjen dhe fuqizimin e saj, “Çobo shpk” u bë një nga aksionerët e fabrikës së përpunimit të grurit e miellit “Loulis” në Tiranë derisa shënjoi, në vitin 2002, zgjerimin e biznesit të saj me një degë të re: “Çobo construction”.Falë punës serioze dhe korrekte, respektimit te ligjit, ”Çobo shpk” dhe “Çobo konstruksion” si degë në zhvillim, janë tashme nga kompanite lider ne fushen qe operojne  jovetem ne qytetin e Vlorës.

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